MJ International is aimed at students living outside Quebec who would like to discover La Belle Province by going on a mission trip to Quebec.

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Have you ever realized how much the province of Quebec needs to hear about Jesus?

Did you know that less than 0,8% of the population of Quebec identify themselves as evangelical Christians?

  • Quebecers are a warm people, who love to laugh, but who are desperately lost and in search of their identity.
  • They hold certain Catholic traditions (ex. infant baptism, religious funerals, midnight mass) but reject religious authority of any kind. The typical Quebecer doesn’t trust religion, and the majority of Quebecers do not even believe in God, despite a few religious habits being part of their life.
  • The younger generation of Quebecers ignore everything about Jesus. However, this young generation is intrigued by spiritual subjects.

How to reach Quebecers?  Why should anyone come to Quebec to share the Christian faith with a Quebecer?

  • Quebecers love to share their opinion and are open to discuss spiritual subjects.

  • Even if the typical Quebecer tells you that everything is fine with his/her life, there is a great emptiness that people of this province seek to fill.

A great opportunity

What does Mouvement Jeunesse seek to accomplish in Quebec?

From the end of May to the beginning of August, Mouvement Jeunesse gathers youths ages 18 and up, trains them and sends them all over Quebec. In teams of 4 to 8, the MJ participants serve local churches and help accomplish church projects during the summer.

Visiting both small and big cities, the MJ teams will meet a variety of needs, such as:

  • House cleaning, painting, window washing, picking up of trash
  • Distribute event invitations
  • Running surveys about spirituality in parks or using door-to-door approach
  • Organizing soccer camps
  • Organizing activities for kids groups
  • And much more!

The MJ teams support churches and encourage them. Also, they are used as tools in the hands of our Lord to talk about Jesus to a people desperately in need of the Saviour.



  • Be 18 years old and up
  • Speak French fluently or be willing to learn the French language
  • Pay for your travelling fees (round trip)
  • Be able to pay your registration fees through support raising
  • Take part in adapted training given by Mouvement Jeunesse
  • Fill in registration documents
  • Submit a recommendation letter written by the elders of your local church

Required training

  • Training camp in Quebec
  • Video training online
  • Training through directed readings
  • Training in your locality with one of our affiliated trainers
  • If none of these training choices is possible for you, contact us!

The Costs of the Program

You will have to make your way to Montreal on your own. Once you arrive in Quebec and join the MJ program, transport, housing and meals are included in the registration price you paid.

Normally, the registration price is structured in this way. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

basic registration price*
for every week of participation**

*Certain additional fees may apply.
**Contact us to confirm with us the specific price related to your situation.

Registration process and payment

  1. You must fill in the registration papers before may 1st 2019.

  2. A member of our team will contact you to complete your registration.

  3. Once your registration is approved, you must send us your registration payment by June 1st 2019.

You may send your registration payment through check to the following address. Please identify your name and specify “MJ – International” on your check in the memo section.

  • Make it payable to AEBEQ
  • Please identify your name and specify  »MJ – International. » on your check
  • Post your payment to:
9780 rue Sherbrooke Est,
Montréal, QC, Canada,
H1L 6N6

Wanna be part of the mission in Quebec?